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killing spree   
10:30am 29/07/2005
mood: blank
going to hang out with Joanna today. that chick roxers my boxers! I have to say that talking to Chris yesterday was really amazing. I used to think Ghandi was the only person I could ever turn to in the face of my problems. Now that he is the problem I realize that was never the case. I have to keep this front up, but I want to tell him the truth. what is the truth anyways? lies that are twisted to suit others? It doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore. The only person I can count on is me. I might take Chris' advice. I might just do that.
but until tommorow, I'm going to go watch some mindless slaughtering! YAY!
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My turn to spew some lies   
01:43pm 27/07/2005
mood: chipper
So yeturday I got a new shirt (its bright fucking green) and its an extra large. I was on break and I started bitching to Donna that its too big. Then this guy who was hanging out there said that Its too big to hide my shape, because I look too "scraight" as it was. That made my day. he asked for my phone number, so what the hell?! I gave it to him. It might be kinda cool to go out with a gangsta.

school isn't too far off now, and that pises me off. I seriously hate the fact that I have to go back to that pit of dispair, that dungeon. UHG! with shepard on my case, and now I have to worry about mrs Bell. and I'll have mr. harverty again. and marine biology. AAAAHHHHHH!!! KILL ME NOW!

So this whole ghandi shit, is making me crazy. He was my best friend. can I handle it? should I?
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01:13am 12/04/2005
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